Marketing Casinos Using Cvent’s Competitive Market Ads


In Casino, De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci form a powerhouse trio that elevates the movie. The cast alone is enough to warrant a viewing, but the way in which Scorsese encapsulates the film’s theme of greed and corruption, as well as its rough-and-ready street life, makes it an unforgettable experience.

In the past, casinos were simply places where people gambled on games of chance. Today, however, they often include restaurants, free drinks, and stage shows, all designed to create a manufactured state of blissful excitement that keeps patrons coming back for more money-spending thrills.

Casinos can also have a positive economic impact on their immediate neighborhoods. When they are operating at full capacity, casinos can generate significant tax revenues for local politicians to use in a variety of ways. Those taxes can fund public infrastructure projects, increase school district salaries, and avoid budget cuts in other areas.

While people who play at a casino can be a diverse group, they all share one common attribute: they have fun. From the flashing lights and the clinking of coins to the pulsating beats, the atmosphere is infectious.

The most effective marketing strategies for casinos are ones that promote their unique atmosphere and amenities to attract event planners from nearby cities. Cvent’s Competitive Market Ads (CMAs) put your casino’s brand in front of event planners who are searching for a place to host their next party or convention. This type of exposure is valuable, as it increases the likelihood that a planner will contact you to discuss your services.